Brand Marketing: Thinking Big for Small Brands

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The internet has changed how small brands do business and how they communicate with customers. How do they differentiate themselves in the market?

Brand Development: Get Lasting Results from Simple Ideas

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To set up a winning branding strategy, you should have a clear vision of just what you are about. What does it take to develop a solid branding strategy and make it last?

Branding Your Small Business: Why Is It So Powerful?

Just what makes a brand so powerful to us as consumers? There is no secret formula. Understand how big name brands keep us coming back for more.

Mobile Photography: Taking Great Pics With Your Phone

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Back in the day, if you were going to take great marketing photos for your business, it required some serious equipment. Times have certainly changed.

Write a Professional Bio That Tells Your Brand Story

In today’s digital landscape, a professional bio is so important for selling yourself. So, how do you write a professional bio that gets you noticed?

The Write Way: 5 Samples of Great Copywriting on the Web

Nobody ever said that copywriting was easy. In fact, it really is quite an art form. Here are five examples of great copywriting by some well-known brands worth admiring.