Mobile Photography: Taking Great Pics With Your Phone

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Back in the day, if you were going to take great marketing photos for your business, it required some serious equipment. Times have certainly changed.

EDK CEO Endrea Kosven Featured in CEO Blog Nation


Endrea Kosven was recently featured as one of 15 entrepreneurs sharing what makes their business unique on the business blog CEOBlogNation.

The Write Way: 5 Samples of Great Copywriting on the Web


Nobody ever said that copywriting was easy. In fact, it really is quite an art form. Here are five examples of great copywriting by some well-known brands worth admiring.

10 Engaging Content Ideas for Your Business Newsletter

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So you’re thinking of creating a newsletter for your business. Where do you begin? Here are 10 ideas to get you started with your newsletter writing.

EDK and Company Featured Agency in Business News Daily


EDK founder Endrea Kosven was one of the featured social media experts quoted in Business News Daily on the topic of marketing on Instagram.

The Growing Importance of Mastering the Visual Web

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The proof is in the numbers: did you know that content with visually appealing photos and graphics average 94 percent more views than those without?