Tweet, Pin, and Like: Follow EDK and Company on Social Media!


Whether it’s posting colorful images on Instagram, crafting an captivating post on Facebook, or tweeting away on Twitter, we know that social media marketing is the future.

Saving Them All: Learn About Best Friends Animal Society


Here at EDK we’re passionate about animal rescue. Learn about Best Friends Animal Society and the great work the organization is doing to “save them all.”

10 Engaging Content Ideas for Your Business Newsletter

business company newsletter service

So you’re thinking of creating a newsletter for your business. Where do you begin? Here are 10 ideas to get you started with your newsletter writing.

What Should Go In Your Press Kit?

Electronic press kit EPK services

Press kits, whether you’re an artist or a business coach, are an important part of any professional’s marketing toolkit. Learn what you should include in your press kit.

Need Smarter Content For Your Website?


Copywriting for the web is both an art and a science. Our talented team of writers know how to write content that search engines love!

Share Your Story With a Professional Bio


Whether it’s for a networking event, electronic press kit, or a LinkedIn profile, a professionally written bio can open the door for you in your chosen field of practice.