Spooky Celebration: Record Set For Halloween Spending

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Survey results from the National Retail Federation (NFR) indicates spending by Americans for Halloween is predicted to hit $8.4 billion.

Mobile Photography: Taking Great Pics With Your Phone

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Back in the day, if you were going to take great marketing photos for your business, it required some serious equipment. Times have certainly changed.

5 Ways to Improve Your Blogging and Drive Online Traffic


How do you make your blog more effective? Whether you want to produce more high-value content or drive online traffic, we have listed five ways to improve your blogging.

5 Reasons Why Employees Need Your Company Newsletter


If you’ve thought about creating an employee newsletter, here are five reasons you need to get started on one today.

The Write Way: 5 Samples of Great Copywriting on the Web


Nobody ever said that copywriting was easy. In fact, it really is quite an art form. Here are five examples of great copywriting by some well-known brands worth admiring.

Saving Them All: Learn About Best Friends Animal Society


Here at EDK we’re passionate about animal rescue. Learn about Best Friends Animal Society and the great work the organization is doing to “save them all.”