Health and Wellness Market Continues to Boom

health and wellness market

With today’s emphasis on living a better life through healthier eating and exercise, it’s no wonder that the health and wellness market is growing.

Why Email Marketing is Critical to Your Marketing Plan

email marketing services

Email marketing is one of the most affordable ways to market to your customer base, and drives the highest ROI.

3 Quick Tips to Amplify Your Brand’s Social Media Traffic

So we all hear about the importance of an engaged social media network in boosting social media traffic. Learn 3 ways to build this engaged audience.

Why Is Content Marketing Important for Your Business?

content marketing los angeles EDK

Content marketing — what is it, and why is it important for your business? Here are a few tips to help you begin a strong content marketing program.

EDK and Company CEO Endrea Kosven Featured in Voyage LA Magazine

edk endrea kosven editorial interview

EDK and Company CEO and founder Endrea Kosven was recently featured in Voyage LA Magazine talking about her marketing agency.

EDK and Company CEO Featured in The Costco Connection

Our founder and CEO Endrea Kosven was recently interviewed for The Costco Connection, the monthly magazine for Costco members.