Style Report: Red Carpet Roundup at the 2014 Oscars

The 86th annual Academy Awards show was a night full of glamorous stars, elegant fashion, and BIG winners! Wonder what that walk down the red carpet would be like? Surely those who have been fortunate enough to make it to the big awards night have done a little visualizing themselves — after all, it was those big dreams that got them here in the first place! Of course, Oscar night…

Instagram Marketing: Attract Those Window Shoppers!

Busy building a lifestyle brand? If you’re not already, you should be snapping photos and posting them on Instagram!

foodie finds edk blog

Foodie Finds – Week of February 24, 2014

Here at EDK, we certainly appreciate a good meal (and especially a tasty sweet treat!) From Los Angeles to New York, we’ve rounded up some of the latest lists of restaurants and eateries to check out across the country — and yes, there’s a nice list there for you donut lovers too. Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants, Los Angeles Times GQ’s 25 Best New Restaurants in America 2014, GQ 101 Amazing…

New York Fashion Week and Social Media

Social Media Marketing Fuels New York Fashion Week

With a reported 69 shows at the Lincoln Center, New York Fashion Week is a very busy time for movers and shakers in the fashion industry. Kicking off last week, the fashion industry’s biggest spectacle will feature Fall/Winter 2014 designs from both emerging and established brands, with names such as Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang headlining the runways. While New York Fashion Week generates an estimated $865 million…

Inform and Sell Through Website Content

Inform and Sell Through Compelling Website Content

So you’ve got visitors coming to your business website — but are they engaged and reading your website content? One of the basic tenets of marketing is being able to attract potential customers to your company. Whether you hang a sign outside your business or have one of your loyal customers spread the good word, there is major value in having a strong marketing effort. Today, having a website has…

Facebook Usage Becoming Big on Mobile Devices

Facebook Usage Becoming Big on Mobile Devices

If you like Facebook, chances are you are really liking it on your smartphone or iPad. The mobile trend seems to be resonating with Facebook’s 800 million users. The Wall Street Journal reported good news for social media giant Facebook: as mobile users continue to increase, their mobile ad sales are increasing as well. In fact, Facebook took 18 percent of the mobile ad market, behind Google (who still rules…

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Local Marketing: Get a Solid Footprint in Your Neighborhood

Whether you’re a small business operating operating primarily on the Internet, or a brick and mortar shop on the street, there’s one aspect of your business that you’ve probably had to think about: local marketing. If this is a strong part of your marketing strategy and you’ve cornered the market in your neighborhood, then good for you! If it isn’t, then you might want to start figuring out your plan…

5 Tips for Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Get Started With 5 Quick Tips

  Yes, tweeting and texting seem to be how so many like to communicate these days, but there’s one form of communication that still holds strong in business: the good old email. The numbers tell the story: did you know that 91 percent of consumers check their email daily? If you’re a small business looking for an easy, affordable way to expand your reach, then this is probably music to…

Healthy Food Brands Win on Social Media

We all know keeping a healthy lifestyle not only does wonders for our waistlines, but for our minds and overall well-being. Marketers are picking up on this fact and are pulling out all the stops on creative marketing strategies — particularly social media — for their healthy food brands. In fact, social media marketing is a big win when it comes to promoting healthy eating habits and generating awareness of…

Journeying Through the Social Media Marketing Jungle

Small Business and the Social Media Marketing Jungle

So, you’ve decided to take your small business to the next level. Learn about the different social media platforms before you jump into a social media management program.

The Power of Pinterest for Small Business

Pinterest Marketing: A Powerful Strategy for Online Retailers

Pinterest. You’ve heard how addicting and fun it is. But Pinterest marketing? How can online retailers incorporate this powerful social network into their social media marketing mix? Online retailers need to consider Pinterest as an important marketing tool in addition to the other popular social media marketing strategies like Facebook marketing. As you probably already know, social media marketing can generate A LOT of traffic. Social networks like Pinterest and…

Bringing in 2014 with the EDK Blog

Yes, it’s official! We are excited to bring in 2014 with our company blog. We have been working diligently on behalf of our clients and we thought it was the right time to launch. We have plenty to bring you — from the latest trends happening in the world of marketing, graphic design, social media and public relations to the latest lifestyle and entertainment scoop, there will always be plenty…

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