Designing a logo identity for a company takes some serious thought and strategy. While ideas may strike at a moment’s notice, executing a well-designed and crafted logo identity that incorporates a company’s persona and brand message takes creativity, time and serious strategy.

The major brands we all know and love have done an amazing job of communicating their brand promise and mission through memorable logo designs. But what if these companies took things a step further and designed their logos with their products or services in mind?

Check out what graphic designer Marco Schembri did with several famous logos. Making the McDonald’s logo fatter, or the Absolut logo appear under the influence of alcohol were just some of the manipulations he worked with.

alcohol brand identity, absolut





While this is entertaining to see, it brings up a good point about branding. Of course, McDonald’s doesn’t want to promote the idea that their food can encourage weight gain and obesity, but companies should keep in mind that if their product or service provides a benefit that can help sell their brand, then that concept can certainly be incorporated into their logo identity. Many of the logos one sees out in the market, while memorable, may not necessarily reflect the specific product they’re selling.

Some industries have an easier time with this. Think about the emergence of health food brands and the various logos associated with them. Take Whole Foods Market, “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store.” They have a great logo that incorporates the concepts of wellness and healthy living. The color green is associated with health and nature, while the “O” in “Whole” is symbolic of a fruit or vegetable – perfect for theme of a healthy grocery store.

whole foods brand, healthy foods brand


Remember, a logo identity needs to communicate its message across several touchpoints, whether that’s on a menu, on a social media network, or on a business card. If the logo cannot communicate the brand promise through these mediums, then it’s probably time to redesign and create a new logo.

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