Rio 2016 Olympics Marketing Opportunity, Best New Restaurants

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rio 2016 olympics sportswear marketing


Tapping Brazil’s Olympic Opportunity: Just as well known for the beauty of its coastline as the fit bodies that walk it, Rio de Janeiro will be the scene for many promotional campaigns taking place during 2016 Rio Olympics. Sportswear brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Brazil-based flip-flops brand Havaianas will be tapping into the opportunity that the summer games brings. With global demand in sports apparel estimated at about $150 billion, it is anticipated that nearly $260 million in sales will be generated within Brazil alone just on Rio 2016 products.

Nation’s Restaurant News Releases 2016 Breakout Brands: The annual list of restaurants represent the best of emerging concepts in the industry. Spanning from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York and Chicago, these selected restaurants bring customers an original dining experience, tapping into hot trends and approaching food and service from a different perspective.

5 Social Media & Digital Marketing “Must Haves” for 2016: Reaching your customers is #1 — whether its on social media or through Google search. From social media marketing to creating great visual imagery, read these must-have tactics for your digital marketing efforts for 2016.

3 Technologies Shaping the Future of Fashion: With fashion becoming more open to innovation, it has opened the door to the embrace of various technologies that are shaping the industry’s future. Messaging, 3D printed custom goods, and virtual reality marketing are just three of the categories highlighted in this article.

America’s 12 Best Big Cities to Live in Right Now: Whether you enjoy year-round sunshine and beaches, or are just seeking a thriving job market with affordable housing options, these 12 big cities boast the best of what America has to offer according to U.S News and World Report. Cities that made the list include Houston, Tampa, San Diego, Boston, and Denver.


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