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As a boutique marketing agency based in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on bringing high-quality, personal attention to each of our business clients. We bring a bird’s eye view of your company and find the best creative strategies to take your business to the next level.


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From collaborating with entertainment personalities and influencers to increasing email newsletter open rates and website traffic, our wide expertise in the field of marketing and public relations has driven real results for our clientele. Learn more in our case studies.

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EDK and Company, based in Los Angeles, is a full-service boutique marketing and public relations agency. It’s where creative lives. From real estate and interior design to food and hotels, we work across a wide number of industries. The EDK team offers both creativity and strategic insight into all client projects, truly reflecting a unique vision and approach to marketing, copywriting, and branding for businesses of all sizes.

Where Creative Lives

We bring our own special blend of art and strategy to our clients’ marketing mix, and build brands.

Effective Marketing Campaigns Stand The Test of Time

Some of the best and most iconic marketing campaigns mark a time in our history. Where were we when we saw iconic images or heard a snappy catchphrase will forever mark a place in time. Everyone has a favorite or one they consider the best. Defining what is the best...

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EDK and Company Featured Expert on the Shutterstock Blog

So what is the magic formula for a great stock photo? Whether it's authenticity through the content or a genuine natural feel, any photo or visual element needs to resonate with an audience. That's why we take great care in selecting photos or images when putting...

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5 Ways to Build a Strong Email Marketing Audience

Keeping your email marketing audience fresh and growing is crucial to an effective email marketing program. Just like a strong customer base in a brick and mortar, customers come and go over time, for various reasons.  Studies tell us that the average email marketing...

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Instagram Marketing Tips Earn Likes for Your Business

Everyone could use a few Instagram marketing tips to spruce up or energize their account! Even the most visible or prolific influencers or businesses continually refine their profile, feed, and process. It is all about understanding the changing needs or attitudes of...

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Advantages of an Email Marketing Agency

Have you been thinking about hiring an email marketing agency? It is a common question many entrepreneurs struggle with. They know all the advantages of running a structured and strategic email marketing program, but there are always things that get in the way. Like...

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