So we all hear about the importance of an engaged social media network in boosting social media traffic. Just what is an “engaged” network? Is it just an overused word used in marketing circles? Well, unfortunately there is a reason it is an overused buzzword — an engaged social media following is critical to a company’s digital presence, and long-term SEO strategy.



An engaged social media following is an audience that likes and trusts you. If you share helpful content, your social audience will very likely click through and read or view what you’ve shared, whether that’s a blog, infographic, or case study. And ultimately, an engaged audience is a great way to build traffic and sales for your company.

So what are a few ways to build this engaged social media audience? Here are three great ways to do this:

  1. Create terrific and informative content that is relevant to your audience. Run a healthy foods company? Why not share healthy recipes that your audience would be interested in trying on their own. Are you an interior designer? Why not share tips on selecting the best paint colors for your living room? This is all part of a sound content marketing strategy that will build your brand’s name in the mind of your consumer.
  2. Curate amazing content from trusted websites and blogs that are relevant to your audience. Set up feeds or subscribe to those websites that interest you and bookmark articles you feel your audience and customers would be interested in reading about. Present it in a meaningful way to your audience, and they will begin to trust you as an authority on your subject matter.
  3. Write great headlines that will (here’s the word again!) engage your followers to click through and read your content. If you don’t grab them with compelling, emotional headlines, chances are they will skip right through the amazing content you’ve worked so hard to put together. By writing great headlines, you will increase your social shares, and ultimately traffic, which will boost your website’s SEO value immensely.

Here are a couple of headline ideas that resonate with readers:

  • How To Engage An Audience With The Best Social Media Tips + 5 Free Resources
  • How To Use Social Media To Increase Your Brand Recognition
  • 5 Little Known Factors That Can Improve Your Social Media Presence
  • Here Is A Method That Is Helping Entrepreneurs Boost Their Social Media Traffic

At the end of the day, you want to increase traffic to your website, grow brand awareness, and get your customers to remember and buy from you! A well-run social media presence, combined with a robust website and sound strategy, can help you achieve great results! For more information about boosting your social media marketing efforts, contact us today.