Ahh, Halloween — not only is it a day to eat candy that’s bad for the diet, it also gives you the chance to be silly and wear that crazy garb you otherwise would never wear. Whether you’re an eight year old dressing up as a minion from the “Despicable Me” series or an adult getting in on the Star Wars craze, Halloween gives you the chance to let the creative juices flow and be that crazy character you’ve always wanted to be!


Photo credit: Instagram @creativefun4you

If you’re a business owner and want to get in on the crazy spirit of Halloween, there are so many ways to capture the spirit of Old Hallows’ Eve

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. Want to create a fun Halloween marketing campaign on social media? Here are four easy ways to spookify your marketing for Halloween:

  1. Is your brand or company on Twitter? Write fun, spooky tweets to attract attention to your brand. Share fun Halloween images or photos and use Halloween themed hashtags to get your message to a larger audience (think #HalloweenReady, #HalloweenTime, #TrickOrTreat)
  2. Hold a Halloween costume contest and get your followers to post pictures of their costume or makeup, with the chance to win a neat prize. Since Halloween is such a visual holiday, this is a great way to create engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  3. If your social media followers don’t want to get dressed up, why not have their pets get in on the Halloween excitement? Dress up your dog or cat in the funniest cutest Halloween costume for some Insta cuteness!!
  4. Keep it simple and offer Halloween tips that directly relate to your business products or service. Run a bakery? Offer up pinnable Halloween treat recipes for your Pinterest followers, or post images of delicious looking Halloween cupcakes on Instagram and offer your followers to post up their own decadent treats.

Social media marketing should be fun and help drive brand awareness during holidays such as Halloween. Want some help with your next Halloween social media campaign? Learn about EDK’s social media marketing services.