Why Use a Boutique Social Media Marketing Agency?

Finding the right marketing service for social media can be a real struggle for most small businesses. As a small business grows into its vision and mission, the need for effective social media marketing activities becomes crucial. Early on, entrepreneurs and small business owners have understood the importance of social media marketing, but because of budget limitations and accessibility to social media marketing professionals, their efforts have been hampered. Now, they find themselves struggling with just how to proceed in the social media marketing arena in a logical, practical manner that works for their budget. 

Most often, new business owners and entrepreneurs are forced into expensive agreements with traditional social media marketing firms or risk their efforts with homegrown marketing efforts. Somewhere between those two decision points lies the ideal solution to their problems — the boutique social media marketing agency.

The Homegrown Effect

Social media is one of the most powerful tools that is available in the new digital environment. From the youngest member of the family, to surprisingly, some of the most seasoned members of a family, social media tools are available and in use. It can be very tempting for a small business owner to rely on a family member who is well-versed in the use of social media tools to spearhead their social media efforts. They can be lulled into a false sense of security just because the family member can spout social media knowledge that baffles them. 

The fact is, the social media that is practiced by most teenagers is effective for their own social environment, but that skillset cannot be translated into the needs of a small business.  Leaving your social media strategy up to a casual user of the platforms can be destructive for a small business and your branding efforts. This homegrown effect can be very tempting for a small business owner because of the relationship that may exist.

The boutique social media marketing agency will easily bridge the gap between understanding and experience. A solid agency will have staff with a deep understanding of all social media platforms, but will also be able to translate that knowledge to a business environment. They will be able to amplify your voice in an effective, professional manner. 

Your Voice Has a Budget 

Engaging the services of a full-service marketing agency for social media can be a daunting and expensive task. They can be tempting because of their reach, reputation, and experience. A full-service marketing agency will bring a wealth of experience to the table and access to resources, which can be very tempting to a small business owner.

Just like anything else in life, there is a cost to engaging a full-service agency for social media marketing. Typically, these services come with a significant monthly fee and will require a service agreement and a deposit to move things forward. There will be a formidable financial obligation to get the ball rolling. 

The boutique social media marketing agency will be able to provide experience in social media marketing within a reasonable budget. A boutique firm has a smaller footprint, lower overhead obligations and a deeper understanding of creative cost effective solutions.They will be able to place your marketing dollars to the best use. 

Everybody Knows Your Name

A typical small business has been built on one thing — relationships. From the beginning, the business has been built on personally and professionally knowing their customers and clients. There truly is a relationship there. Those relationships have led to word of mouth referrals, and the business has experienced solid growth. Small business owners are used to engaging with people they know by name, and they trust them because of it.

With a large service agency, you will get their reach, but not their personal influence. Your account will be handled by a service team, and you may never speak with them. That personal contact will be relegated to email discussions and approvals of content and direction. Gaining the ability of having a one-on-one relationship will be classified as consulting time and is typically billed additionally to your agreed contract pricing. You do have to pay to play.

The boutique social media marketing agency can provide you with a strategic team of marketing experts that will be able to engage with you on a personal basis. You will be able to develop a relationship with their team of experts, which is unique.

The fact is, in today’s global digital marketplace, there is a place for everyone in marketing services. However, the name of the game is about finding the right fit

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. The boutique social media marketing agency is typically more agile and creative when it comes to working with small businesses at a rate that is more comfortable for most budgets. They act as a sounding board for new ideas and can guide you through an ever-changing digital environment.   

Interested in learning more about EDK’s boutique marketing services? Give us a call at 818.488.1543 or email info@edkandcompany.com!