As a small business owner, generating attention and awareness of your business is just one of the many important tasks that must be prioritized. Whether you decide to handle the marketing duties yourself or with the assistance of a marketing agency, it is very important to find creative ways to get the word out about your company. A company newsletter can achieve this!

newsletter writing for small business

It also brings great credibility to your company, which in this competitive business climate can set your business apart.

So how can you create an interesting newsletter that makes your readers and potential customers pay attention? Here are a few tips:

1. Feature only your best articles on the front page of the newsletter. The major newspapers around the world feature only the most important, newsworthy information on the front page. Use the same logic and only feature what would be interesting and attention getting on the front page of the newsletter.

2. Keep your topics relevant to your target audience. Remember, stories and articles that may be interesting to your employees or IT team may not be interesting to your target customer. These articles may have some relevance but it’s best to place those articles inside and not as a feature story.

3. Always be sure to use a photo or graphic with each newsletter article. This will keep the design layout interesting and eye-catching. Studies show that readers are more likely to read an article or newsletter if there’s a graphic or photo, as it will catch their eye. Graphics also provide a needed break from text, which makes an article more inviting to read and enjoy.

4. Be sure to write your newsletter articles from an objective point of view. After all, this is a company newsletter that serves to inform and educate. Just like any local newspaper, newsletter articles are written from a factual point of view. They should be free from any sales hype or personal opinion.

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