Case Study

ADG Lighting

ADG Lighting was a successful custom lighting designer and manufacturer, with a number of high-end clients, but hadn’t yet set up a well-branded online presence

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. Their existing website was difficult to navigate, and didn’t provide visitors a clear direction on what their services were since they also manufactured custom furnishings and ornamentation. In addition, they hadn’t set up a social media presence.

Our Strategy:
EDK designed and developed a brand new WordPress site from scratch, providing a comprehensive look at the firm’s capabilities in a visually attractive way. EDK also set up a vibrant social media presence, with a focus on visual content that emphasized both finished projects, as well as a look behind the scenes.

The newly redesigned website was not only visually appealing, but also proved to help ADG Lighting rank well in organic search. The numbers prove it: in just one month after launch, the site saw a 211% increase in unique visitors, as well as a 157% increase in page views. The increase in brand awareness also helped grow sales by 110 percent in just one year. The firm has also been able to grow a significant following on social media, growing to nearly 10K followers on Instagram in less than one year.

Services Offered:
Social Media Marketing
SEO Management
Email Marketing
Public Relations

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