Content Marketing and the Power of Words

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words! We do know that it is true and cannot deny the power of imagery. Sometimes that timeless quote can dilute the value and power of the written word. This is especially true in our digital world. The real value of the written word can be overlooked when we are managing our Insta presence! At the end of the day, words are powerful and can never be overlooked.

Strength in Text  

The enduring impact of classic literature makes a case for the power of words. Those volumes of classic literature were never known for their illustrations, but for the impact and meaning of the written word. When you consider what you are presenting as the face of your business to the customer, images are a crucial part of that presence, but the words in your content leave an indelible impression. Your words send a strong message about your business. They tell customers everything about your character, ethics, and value of the product. The words are the message. 

When developing your marketing material, you must get the message right! Content marketing sets the tone through messaging through both powerful and passive statements. It is truly about understanding and crafting your message, so it resonates in a meaningful way.

Some Numbers for Content Marketing

  • 86% of brands used content to create and improve brand awareness.
  • 79% of brands used content to educate customers on product value.
  • 75% of brands used content to build credibility and trust with customers.
  • 70% of brands used content to generate demand for their product and sales leads.

Considerations in Composition

As you start developing content, numerous considerations must be taken into account when crafting your messaging for your content marketing. Here are a few to consider:

Be Concise – Because of our passion for what we do in business, we tend to ramble. Less is always more. If you need to offer more technical presentations, consider a blog or technical PDFs that can be communicated separately from your central content platform. Keep the customer engaged and on message through your content marketing. Likewise, don’t underwhelm with your words and leave them uninformed.

Be Accurate – Nothing damages a business more than exaggerating or making deceptive statements in their marketing content. That is not to say that everyone will agree with you on technical points, but deception is just a no-no. What you don’t want is to claim one thing in your marketing material, then provide another contradictory message through your sales staff. Make sure that all communication seamlessly aligns across all parts of the organization. A lack of continuity will be perceived as deception.   

Be Authentic – Understand the wants, needs, and desires of your potential base of customers. This begins with a cultural consideration of language. If you are marketing to a demographic with a specific language preference, properly use that language. Use developers that speak that language as their primary language. Never depend on language translation software to get the job done. Subtle nuances can be lost in translation and can be off-putting to your client base. By properly representing the language and cultural consideration, you are presenting your business in an authentic and respectful manner.

The Impact of SEO  

In our digital marketing environment, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of all content marketing efforts. SEO is simply a way to optimize your digital presence so your business will be found with unpaid search efforts of potential customers

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. That may sound rather simple, but the process can be complex. The key to success is to find a balance between SEO and appealing content marketing. 

There are many instances where business overemphasizes SEO in content, which can easily be perceived by customers. Content must have meaning and flow that is authentic. Overemphasis on SEO immediately detracts from the quality of good content. We strongly recommend consulting with an SEO expert of all content marketing because of the complexities. However, do not let SEO experts dictate your content marketing. You may rank higher with Google, but you will lose customers because of a lack of quality and authenticity.  

The power of words cannot be taken for granted in marketing material. It must be thoughtful, authentic, concise, and accurate. Your story told must be the true story of your business and the values of the organization. Content marketing must be a deliberate and thoughtful process that genuinely connects with customers.

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