Gaining Momentum and COVID-19

In today’s global marketplace, things move fast, and challenges come at you from all directions! Then out of nowhere, COVID-19 made its presence known and challenged the very existence of the market environment. To combat the effects of the virus and preserve the health of the planet, global business has been shut down and sent into a tailspin. There can be no doubt the challenges presented by COVID-19 are nothing like any business leader has faced in recent history. 

Finding Your Footing  

Business leaders are trying to find their footing and preserve their very existence in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first challenge is to adapt the business practices to meet the environment and to find a path forward. Traditional marketing efforts are dependable, but their focus needs to be adapted to reach your target market. The tenets of marketing apply now more than ever. Here are some basic principles to apply to your small business marketing strategy:

How do you solve a problem? Customers need your business to resolve a problem or meet a need they are struggling with in their current situation. 

Are you speaking clearly? Identify the best ways to communicate directly with your customers so they can engage with you clearly and simply.

Is there value in your service or product? Be able to demonstrate your product or service has value and you are delivering to the customer in an honest and dependable manner.

How do we move forward? Show that your product or service has “legs” now and in the future.

Develop your small business marketing strategy and plans around these basic tenets. 

Learning and Building

Thoughtful and agile thinking will get you through these trying times. It isn’t the time to fall back onto old marketing habits and dependencies. Once you have decided on a course of action, move things forward into the uncharted territory. You will be able to experiment with new ideas, approaches, and solutions that you may never have considered before. The market will guide you in your journey. Learn from your experiences and build on your success. It may become evident that significant changes in the presence of your business is required.

Don’t hesitate to make solid, wholesale changes. Keep in mind the tenants of branding, marketing, and communications as you move forward

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