email marketing community

Think about your email marketing strategy to foster a vibrant email marketing community that thrives and benefits from your services or products. Like any other vibrant community, you are a part of, it takes everyone to contribute in a valued, positive way to improve the experience. Think of it as your neighborhood, where the feeling of community grows through contributions and participation of everyone who resides there. Neighbors share values and a sense of caring for a better environment. That is the place you need to come from when developing your email marketing strategies.

Respect Your Neighbors 

Happy neighbors can only be a reality when there is a common and mutual respect. The same thing applies to the community you develop around your brand. Some basic principles should be followed to help nurture those relationships:

Sign Me Up – Capture your neighbors’ attention for your email marketing community through all of your various marketing channels. Websites, social media, and enrollment opportunities should be made available at every customer touchpoint. Never randomly enroll customers or clients without their permission. This will surely scare off the neighbors and is improper. Be respectful!

Neighbors for Life – Well, maybe not life, but longevity is the key to success. Just like any neighborhood, when you see many houses for sale and people moving in and out frequently, the first thing you must ask is why.  The same concept applies to your email marketing community. Look at every customer as a keeper over the long term, not just for one promotion or campaign. This is done by nurturing the community through valued and timely content.  Email campaigns should provide value to the entire community. Promotions aren’t everything.

Spring Cleaning – Just like in any home or neighborhood, spring cleaning is a must! When your house and property look great, it benefits the community. Your email marketing community requires spring cleaning from time to time. The goal of reaching out to neighbors is to provide value and solutions. Some neighbors may not find value in your brand from time to time, and that is fine. Be respectful of your neighbors! If they opt-out after an email, don’t be upset. Let nature take its course. You cannot always make everyone happy, so strive to be a good neighbor and don’t pester them to find out why. Just stay aware of the value in the content, and if the opt-out rate is unusually high, rethink your strategies.

Be a Good Neighbor

These are just a few of the concepts you should keep in mind when you are nurturing your email marketing community

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. Everything you do with your email marketing community should be focused on nurturing, not selling. Provide valuable concepts, services, and products that enrich the neighborhood. Always build your email marketing community through respect and a sense of purpose.

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