It’s a stark fact: today’s digitally driven society is addicted to the mobile device device. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile tablet, we constantly have our hands glued to these handy little devices…and for good reason. Whether it’s checking in at our favorite dining spots on Facebook, texting our loved ones, or emailing our colleagues, we heavily rely on our mobile devices to keep us in touch.



This is great news for marketers, who enjoy the opportunity to reach out to the millions of people held captive by the numerous messages sent through social media, texting, and of course, email. While email may be trailing away from being a preferred way to send personal communications (thanks to social media and texting), it is become a preferred method to receive business and promotional messages. What’s more interesting is that most email marketing messages are being opened on these mobile devices — 66 percent, to be exact.

According to one survey, over 50 percent of the average consumer’s inbox is filled with promotional email messages, while close to 30 percent were transactional messages, such as receipts. Despite what many may think, consumers are used to the idea of receiving email marketing messages, which is giving many marketing departments the green light to invest more in this method of delivering their message. According to Salesforce, 59 percent plan to invest more in email marketing programs for 2015.

Here are a few important reasons to include email marketing as part of your marketing mix:

  • A strategic email marketing campaign can drive serious traffic to your website or landing page, which is important if you’re promoting a particular service or new product.
  • It is relatively inexpensive to create and launch an email program, which of course means a great ROI for your efforts.
  • Your asset is in your audience. An email list that you’ve built from the ground up is your asset, not Facebook’s. You control the reach to your customers and don’t have to depend on fancy online algorithms.

Regularly push out content through the email channel and you should be either building loyalty with your existing customer base, or converting prospects into customers! More importantly, email marketing provides a higher rate of conversion than many other online mediums. The more people you have on your email list, the bigger reach you have, and the greater potential for more sales!

Email marketing really makes it easy for you, the business owner. What can you do with your email list? You can:

  • Alert customers of new products or services
  • Position yourself as a resource in your industry by publishing helpful articles
  • Deliver your brand’s proposition as frequently as you’d like (weekly, bimonthly, monthly)
  • Build a relationship with your customer

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