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In every dark cloud, there is a silver lining! Nothing could be further from the truth than in today’s climate and COVID-19. This pandemic has caused a seismic change in the way we live our lives and interact with business. The harsh reality of the ‘hidden enemy’ is that it demands a change in priorities and focus. Entrepreneurs and leaders who understand the dynamic also know that they must master health and wellness marketing concepts to move past the pandemic and thrive.

What Has Changed 

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing us in so many ways. In the short term, we are learning to live our lives isolated and with limited social contact. We are also having to embrace the short-term realities of wearing masks, face coverings, social distancing in public, and intensified hand hygiene. These will be the new normal for a while, but in reality, it will be for a short period of time. Entrepreneurs feel the effects of these changes and are adapting their business accordingly.

Long-term change is really going to be meaningful and will require the attention of entrepreneurs in the long run. Long after face masks and social distancing are gone, there will be deeply embedded changes left in our society and business climate. Society is now embracing more home cooking, made with fresh food. People now realize they can dump the expensive gym membership and get outside for a walk, a long bike ride, or other challenging outdoor activities which are less expensive — and they get results. If they choose, they can also engage in workouts in their home with digital equipment, which is both engaging and challenging. These changes in behaviors will remain for years after the COVID-19 pandemic is gone.

How Do You Adapt

Health and wellness marketing means now that entrepreneurs must make deep and long-lasting changes in the way they do business. Customers will demand it. Let’s look at some areas where the COVID-19 pandemic will affect your business.

Space Utilization and Accommodation – The way a business adapts its floor space will be crucial. Gone will be the days of over-crowded, cramped spaces with customers jammed together in tight quarters. The mandates of social distancing will be gone, but customers will demand more space to find comfort. 

Cleanliness is King – The cleanliness of your business will now matter more than ever. It will be at the forefront of every customer’s mind. Not only just having a fresh, clean environment, but signage will need to be present stating your commitment to cleanliness and how you may be implementing a ‘certified’ cleanliness program for your customers’ health and safety. 

Less Touch and More Automation – A touch-free experience will be expected after the experiences of the pandemic. Masks and gloves may be gone or less frequent, but customers will be more comfortable in a ‘touch-free’ environment

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Living a Healthy Lifestyle – Food and exercise will become a focus. Customers will demand fresh foods, with consideration to both vegetarian or vegan preferences taking the lead. It doesn’t mean that animal products will be out for most, but their consumption will be limited. Exercise will also play an important factor. We are now learning to get out and enjoy the outdoors and spend less time in the gym. Workout equipment will be found more and more in the home.

Be Part of the Solution 

Entrepreneurs who understand and adapt to the changing environment will be competitive. Health and wellness marketing will be a crucial part of adapting to change. 

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