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Everyone could use a few Instagram marketing tips to spruce up or energize their account! Even the most visible or prolific influencers or businesses continually refine their profile, feed, and process. It is all about understanding the changing needs or attitudes of your targeted audiences and being responsive to those shifting preferences. But we know social media marketing can feel complex and confusing. It can be sometimes until you expand your comfort zone with the platforms and refine your skill sets.

Sharpen Your Skills!

Instagram is one of the most user-friendly and visually vibrant social media platforms available to businesses. It allows an entrepreneur to project the character and quality of their goods or services in such a way that an audience will engage. The power of Instagram is the reach of the platform. Just think about this: In the time it takes for you to read this blog, there will be an average of 1 million posts on Instagram. To put that in perspective, surveys of Instagram users have found that 83% claim that images and posts on the platform directly influence their buying habits. 

Need we say more?

So, for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to harness Instagram’s power, here are a few tips to help tap into a vibrant client base.

Tell a Clear Story – Nothing is more important on Instagram than your profile

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. It shares the vision and character of a business and connects the customer with you. Write a strong and engaging profile bio that engages, and add a link to a website or landing page to connect the customer to where they can shop or buy. Also, use a clear profile picture, logo, or image which clearly represents your brand. If you have a presence on other platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest, be sure your branding is consistent with those.

Set the Standard – Just like with any other business practice, you need to have a strategy and goals to move things forward and compete. Numbers matter, and you should understand best practices for your industry. Set realistic goals, measure results, and change when necessary. Be agile!

The Power of Pictures – The strength of Instagram has always been the picture, and we know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Use images that are of high quality, realistic, and engaging. There is nothing wrong with stock photography, but do include personalized and realistic images that reflect your business and character. Allowing the customer to connect on a personal level with your business is what you want to achieve. Be personable and relatable.

What the Font – Second only to the image is the font you use in the profile and on each post. Do not ignore the power of fonts. Remember, it is all about appeal and font matters! Do some research to better understand the relationship font has with the visual media and a customer. Get it right and be consistent.

Is Anyone There – Part of the strategy but a truly separate consideration is the frequency of posting. There is some magic to hitting a frequency, at the best times, and on the best days to attract the best customer traffic. But the real key here is not to allow inconsistent gaps between posts. If you allow time to pass, it will give the impression that you’re too busy or don’t care anymore. Implement a frequency that is consistent and dependable, adjusting based on response and customer needs.

It’s Not That Hard Really 

These simple and straightforward tips will allow you to connect with customers in a meaningful way. There are a few other considerations and practices used to optimize the customer experience, but these simple Instagram marketing tips will go a long way to get your program off the ground.

Want to get on board with a vibrant Instagram presence? Learn about EDK’s Instagram marketing services! Email us at info@edkandcompany or call 818.488.1543.

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