First of all let’s clear something up. When we say holiday marketing, we don’t just mean the Christmas/Hanukkah and New Year’s holidays. We mean all of the holidays — Presidents’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Columbus Day, Labor Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day. These aren’t all of them, but you get the idea.

holiday marketing

For business owners, all these holidays are golden opportunities to get their products or services known throughout the local community and even globally with the internet. Side note, because the internet is global, it now could be considered one of your communities!

With the holiday being the main star, your holiday marketing campaigns are sure to be a hit. This is a great opportunity to use the holiday itself as a great marketing tool to bring attention to the product or service that your business has to offer.

Running a price special as part of your holiday marketing campaign is one of the easiest ways to bring in new customers and clients and get them to give your fantastic service or product a try. Once they try your product or service, they will be hooked and become loyal customers!

Holiday marketing campaigns on social media should always be part of your business’s  repertoire and a priority. Since most businesses have an online presence, you could inspire your online customers to visit your brick-and-mortar store by laying out a great deal they would get to celebrate the “holiday,” and then mirror that holiday marketing strategy with your brick-and-mortar customers by offering them a great promotion to inspire them to use the online store.

Here is an example of a great holiday marketing strategy that could be successful depending on your business’s product or service: if what your business offers could be used as a great alternative gift to what is normally given, here is your chance to shine. A quick example could be if you own a restaurant

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. Obviously, a holiday special for people to try out would be normal for say Valentine’s Day, but not necessarily for Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

Turn your brick-and-mortar restaurant into a USO-decorated establishment and offer specials commemorating our soldiers who served in the military regardless of rank and affiliation and make it an event. If said holiday is in the middle of the week, do the celebration on the weekend (maybe encourage patrons to come in uniform), target your holiday marketing and you’ll have a great turnout. The answer is yes, holiday marketing is very important to your business.

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