Take a look around, and you will see how committed your customers are to the mobile experience. Everywhere you look, people are deeply engaged with their mobile device. We wake up and check our devices. While eating breakfast, we are engaged with content on our devices. To and from work, our attention is split between navigating the commute and what is capturing our attention on our devices

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. When we get home, we try and find a balance between our personal life and what is tweaking our curiosity on a device. Finally, we end our day and drift off into slumber, cuddled up with our device. Without a doubt, our devices and the content they bring into our world is a partner in everything we do. Now, do you understand the true value of the customer journey on a mobile device?

Why Are We so Attached

Curiosity drives our commitment! Exploring with a sense of curiosity seems to drive most when exploring the mobile world. Whether it is seeking out the next social interaction, answering tough trivia questions about obscure topics, studying a complex news issue, or finding the perfect purchase, our curiosity drives us. Click the link, swipe the pages deeper into the content. Search and compare a product between a variety of global vendors. Our interest pushes us to ask for more information, more variety, and more options. Every swipe leads us deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole on our quest. In all that exploration, we are enlightened through discovery, learning more and more, satisfying our curiosity. It leads us to become dependent on the mobile device as a tool, a trusted source of information, and a partner in our day-to-day lives. As a brand, you must be able to fit in and be a trusted partner on the mobile device and be a solution.  

customer journey

How Can We Help with the Customer Journey

It is no longer viable for a brand to be available and ask how we may help. You likely will be passed by. To be able to help your customers on their mobile journey, you must be a trusted resource that they cannot live without. Your brand must offer a mobile experience that delivers clear and concise information, value and simplicity, options, and ease of use. It simply must be intuitive and seamless every time. Having a website that meets this criteria in a user-friendly mobile option is required. However, even more, a brand must also have an app presence for all platforms. That app must also meet the same criteria as the website. The brand must earn a coveted position on the user’s mobile device. Once the brand has both a mobile friendly web presence and an app, you can reach that next level on the customer journey. Unfortunately, many brands ignore the significance of mobile friendly and the app offering for customers, much to their detriment. In recent surveys, loyal customers of brands have said they either didn’t know they had an app or they felt it wasn’t worth the time or effort to download it. These brands are missing out on that coveted space that we spend so much time on.

Make the Journey Worthwhile

It’s time to start to value the customer journey on mobile. It is ever so much worth investing the time and financial resources into an app and mobile-friendly website that serves the customer. Every opportunity should be made to make the app one of those ‘I can’t live without it’ experiences. Brands should remember that on the other side of those screens and devices, there are real people. That click is a person, exploring your brand and trying to get your attention. Serve them well!