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Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed lately? You have too much on your plate, you’re tired and under ever increasing pressure in your business. At one point in your career, you could conquer whatever challenge came your way

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. Now, you are the vanquished! If your work performance is in remission and you feel like you are out of control, maybe it is time for a reboot.

Rebooting Your Productivity

Productivity can be elusive. Running a small business can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. The time slips away and client demands keep coming. You feel like you have lost some of your passion that fueled you to launch your business in the first place. Understand that controlling time is the key to reclaiming your passion for business and hitting the top of your game with productivity. Here are some tips that are effective tools to give you back control:

  1. Time Is An Asset – Highly successful people truly understand that they can reclaim money or possession that are lost, but time cannot be reclaimed. It is the most valuable asset on your balance sheet. Treat it with respect!
  2. Develop Habits of Success – Business is a game of inches, and the successful players practice habits every minute of every day. Make the important stuff a habit and practice daily. Stay focused.
  3. Reclaim Your Schedule – Time is your asset … protect it! Get up every morning and go to bed every evening at the same time. Nothing else is more important. Your body syncs and begins to benefit from restorative sleep.
  4. Control Your Task List – Control tour ‘To-Do’s’. A ‘To Do’ list with 30 items on it is useless! Know what is important and have the ability to appropriately prioritize. There should only be three tasks on your list every day. Yes, only three. They should be the three highest priority items that must happen that day. When you finish them, you will feel a strong sense of accomplishment and control. Move on to lower priority tasks and look at them as icing on the cake.
  5. Embraced the ‘NO’ – Embrace the fact that the word ‘NO’ is a good thing.  You have absolute control of your time and don’t agree to something that you can’t invest your time in properly. If it doesn’t make you money, save you time, or make you smarter, just say no.
  6. Remember You – Small business owners tend to forget taking care of themselves. There is a time to start work and to stop work! Set the boundaries. Plan something to do for yourself after work. Reward yourself with some quiet time and meditate. Read everyday. Protect your free time as diligently as you protect your time at work.

Take Back Your Time

Owning a small business requires dedication, sacrifice and time. Give them all the respect they deserve. Never think that you can work a simple 9-to-5 schedule and be successful. However, you can put in the time it takes to be successful and still have time for you. The key to success is to practice solid habits, prioritize and control your most valuable asset.