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Halloween marks the end on summer and retailers are celebrating! The results of an annual survey from the National Retail Federation (NFR) indicated that total spending by Americans for Halloween is predicted to hit an all-time high of $8.4 billion. That is a significant increase from last year’s spending of $74.3 billion. It is anticipated that 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween festivities this season. This is great news for retailers.

Halloween: Celebrating the Haunted Season

Consumers appear to be very eager to celebrate Halloween this year. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 consumers will shop by mid-October, taking advantage of early-bird promotions, both online and at brick- and- mortar establishments. We have included some more ’scary’ facts from the survey that will ‘haunt’ your party plans:

  1. 67% of shoppers will spend $3.1 billion on costumes.
  2. 94.3% of shoppers will spend $2.5 billion on candy.
  3.  70% of shoppers will spend $2.4 billion on decorations.
  4. 35.4% of shoppers will spend $390 million on greeting cards.
  5.  Shoppers will seek costume inspiration from online (35%) and in- stor
    (29%). The top influencer for all purchasers will be the Pinterest platform.

Enjoying a Haunted Halloween

These ‘chilling’ facts clearly indicate that the Halloween traditions are alive and well across America. Digital and social media platforms seem to be inspiring these record numbers for consumers. Retailers are poised to take advantage of these record holiday opportunities.

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