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Thanks to the advent of digital commerce, entrepreneurs both big and small can immediately tap into the global marketplace and compete. One of the most effective marketing tools at the disposal of small businesses is social media marketing. This medium can immediately connect you with customers and clients around the globe, enabling you to reach an audience previously enjoyed only by Fortune 500 businesses. Global commerce is alive thanks to digital connectivity, and establishing a presence in the community is simple and cost-effective.

Just like any other approach to a customer base, social media marketing requires two basic concepts. There are a few simple rules of the road, but simply put, learn to listen, and engage! No matter what platforms you choose to market with, keeping these two basic tenets at the forefront will keep you tapped into a valuable market and strategically competitive. Let’s introduce you to these concepts and get you connected.

Learn to Listen  

Just like any other customer conversation, you must learn to listen and let them talk. Social media marketing is just the same. The difference is how you listen. Listening with social media starts with connecting to the customer conversation through the right channel. Today, those channels consist of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There are many more available, and you should select using the right channels which connect with a target audience. When you understand your audience’s demographics, you can easily determine the best social media platforms to reach out to them and listen. Once you have established yourself on these platforms, then you take the next step and listen to the conversations going on in the global marketplace. 

Engage in a Thoughtful Manner

How you engage with social media marketing platforms is just as important as listening. Everything starts with listening, but the deal or sale is always closed by participating in a thoughtful conversation. Through listening, you gained valuable insight into what your customer base wants and demands in a global marketplace

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. Now you should engage those clients or customers, let them know you have a presence, and how your business can provide them quality service with real value. These conversations are no different than they are in a brick and mortar business. Customers today want to inquire, engage, and purchase in a digital environment that is quick and simple. You need to be engaged and ready to meet those expectations. With the right social media platforms, engagement and conversations have never been easier. Take the time to learn to engage in a manner that captivates, not distracts.

One of the major drawbacks in social media marketing is understanding the difference between B2B or B2C engagements and personal social media engagements. Some of the basic skills translate easily between the two, but using social media for business is much different from engaging for personal use. When you establish your channels, keep the business and personal channels separate. In that spirit, keep your personal and business communications and engagements separate. In today’s environment, marketing your business on a global scale and your personal behavior need to remain independent. 

Keeping these concepts in mind, social media marketing can be a quick and affordable way to get your business competing on a global scale. 

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