There’s no denying the power of storytelling. Whether we tell stories to teach a lesson to our kids or explain a difficult concept in the classroom, this practice goes back thousands of years. We certainly see the power of tales in today’s heavy media environment: with the rise of the visual web, great storytelling now becomes even better with the use of compelling photos and imagery.

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Image: Instagram @tolio_

The proof is in the numbers: did you know that content with visually appealing photos and graphics average 94 percent more views than those without? It only makes sense: 60 percent of consumers are more likely to engage with a business when an image shows up in local search results. Combine this with a great message, and it makes for a winning marketing combination!

Business owners need to start embracing the power of imagery to tell their company’s own story: it has influence and power to motivate. Whether you discover a new accessories brand on a fashion blog, or just saw a friend post his or her latest purchase on social media, there is great power and validation in that content. Besides the social proof that these posts provide, there’s a little bit of “search science” that goes along with it: content with images correctly tagged and titled can help boost a company’s presence online. We understand the value of that here at EDK — it’s what we do!

Whether you run a retail company, a local restaurant, or a boutique hotel, there’s one thing that all business owners need to do — think visually! With consumers sharing 5,000 images every second of the day, this is a no-brainer. Making your business story “digestible” through compelling photos and graphics will not only make it memorable in the eyes of your customer, but it can also help ultimately drive sales.