Picture this: it’s a crowded auditorium and the keynote speaker announced that he would give $10,000 to an audience member who gets his attention. There’s at least 5,000 people in the audience, and you really need the money. How are you going to get his attention? 

email subject line

Now you understand the importance of the email subject line. It has to compete with thousands of other emails for the potential reader’s attention. Unlike the audience member who could jump or sing opera or yodel to get attention, the email has to rely on the email subject line to get noticed, opened, and read. 

According to Constant Contact, 80% of professionals say that email marketing is vital to acquiring customers and retaining them. Email marketing is a very effective way to keep your customers and potential customers engaged in all the services and/or products your company has to offer. Unfortunately, if they don’t open your email, those thousands of unread messages will just sit in the symbolic circular file. So, to get your target audience to open these emails, have an exquisite email subject line!

Here are some email marketing statistics, according to the Radicati Group:

  1. Expect a nice return on investment ROI. For every dollar spent on email marketing, you will get an average of a $42 return. 
  2. Exactly 306 billion emails are sent every day — more pressure on the importance of the email subject line. 
  3. The number of global email users is over half the world’s population, including both businesses and consumer email users. 
  4. 60% of consumers expressed that they made a purchase because of a marketing email they received. 

The bottom line is that email marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. Many believe that social media will take over, but it won’t. The ROI isn’t there. Perhaps it is the mindset of the potential reader; when checking emails the person is focused and looking for something to catch their attention. Then they see “The Perfect Email Subject Line Brings Astonishing Results.” 

Look, he’s opening the email; it looks like the email subject line did its job. Grow your business with EDK’s email marketing services. Call us at 818.488.1543 or email info@edkandcompany.com.