Sounds words spoken by the mogul himself. If there’s anything newsworthy about your product or service, harness the power of the written press release to get it out to your public! So, what makes a press release such a power PR tool for small business? It can:

  • Provide relevant and newsworthy information for its intended audience
  • Help establish credibility for the company issuing the release
  • Build links for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes
  • Enhance a social media marketing campaign

The first press release written dates back to 1906, when a train wreck in Atlantic City, NJ, killed approximately 50 people. This tragedy inspired a young Ivy Lee, the PR person behind the Pennsylvania Railroad (who owned the train) to issue a statement about the facts behind the accident and create a PR campaign.

What was initially a response to an event evolved into an innovative way to get news and information out to the public. Press releases have become an invaluable content marketing tool to disseminate information about a product, service, event, or other important moment

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. What can a press release be about? It can be about many things, but here are some of the main topics:

  • Launch of an event, product, or website
  • Publication of a company report or whitepaper
  • New hire or partnership announcement
  • Promotions or contest announcement

Press releases, in additional to their duty as a news tool, are frequently used in social media marketing campaigns to build interest and buzz. Whether to build brand awareness or drive traffic to a company’s website, press releases are intended to supply news of value and interest. If you would like more information on EDK’s press release writing services, contact us.