The purpose of website content is to educate on two very different levels. The first level is to educate and inform your potential customers or audience about what is important to them, whether that’s through a product or service they might need.

website content

The second level that your website educates is also on a deeper level, with a strategic impact, and that is to educate the search engines about your website. Your website content will inform the algorithms about what your site is all about. This is the reason keywords are important. The keywords educate the search engines about your website through SEO, so the content should be relevant to your business.

We can’t stress enough how your content’s relevance, i.e blogs, articles, bios, short videos (which all classify as website content) is so important to the traffic that your website will attract. You want to serve your audience in a way that will provoke a solution to their problem, or to provide interesting and valuable information

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. The bottom line? If you have knowledge and share it by writing a relevant, engaging blog that answers their question or informs, then you’ve done exactly what you’re supposed to do.

There is a duality to how important website content is in its teaching. The algorithms that read and analyze content understand how a human reads and understands it, so ultimately they will prioritize a website that aligns with a searchers’ intent. If your website copy informed a human being, then that same information will inform those algorithms that are so important. It is that simple.

One final piece of important information about that website content you have so eloquently written — make sure you keep it updated. Keeping your website updated also gives you a new opportunity to revamp your website and tweak your keywords.

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