Whether you’re a business coach or a professional musician, there’s one key component of your brand that should always be a part of your marketing arsenal: your press kit

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. Back in the day, the press kit was a traditional, glossy folder complete with the standard marketing materials: a bio, selected headshots, press releases announcing newsworthy information, and other important information about the said brand or individual. Press, or media kits, were developed to launch a new product or promote an event, in the hopes of generating publicity and news coverage.

Electronic press kit EPK services

While these folders were a convenient way to disseminate information about an individual or an organization, these bulky items were often a burden for the reporters who received them. In today’s modern era, the press kit has taken form of the EPK, or the electronic press kit. These convenient digital files are easily sent via email or uploaded to folders for easy access, and now photos, videos, and other files can easily be viewed with the click of a button rather than in a bulky folder.

We still see the traditional press kit still in use, especially during trade shows or business conferences. Press kits also work well for potential customers or clients, as it should ideally give them a bird’s eye view of you or your organization.

So, why is a press kit so important? Ultimately, it works as a marketing tool for an individual, company, or organization. If you’re looking for a reporter or journalist to cover your brand, the press kit is a must-have for your marketing arsenal — with many of these reporters under deadline, your press kit should make it easy for them to find the information they need to write a great story.

What do you need to have in your press kit? There are a few key items, which vary depending on your industry:

  • Professional Bio 
  • High Resolution Photos/Images
  • Website Links
  • Press Reviews and Interviews
  • Press Releases
  • Videos and/or Music Clips
  • FAQs
  • Contact and Social Media Links

The presentation of your press kit is critical in reflecting the voice and tone of your brand. You want it to be memorable and informative, and get people talking about you or your organization! If you’re interested in putting together a professional press kit, contact EDK today.